14th Annual Talent Contest Results!!

September 10, 2016 at 4 pm: Happy All Star Talent Search with Lynnette Cole presents "Young at Art" was an amazing event.  Thank you to the Contestants and Judges!

The top 3 winners with the highest scores in the contest:

Overall Winner: Jet Thurmond, Drama

2nd Overall Winner: Jonathan Nelson, Dance

3rd Overall Winner: Jayla Peebles, Art


1. Myiah Brooks

2. Janiya Bryant


1. Jonathan Nelson

2. Alya Jones

3. Serenitee Matheny

Singing 7-12

1. Brisa Baretto

2. Ella Phillips

3. Zakiyah Lamb

4. Zareia Porter

Singing 13-17

1. Younggin

2. Jet Thurmond

3. Alysa Jones


1. Abigail Funk


1. Jayla Pebbles

2. Alysa Jones

3. Zakiyah Lamb

4. Kaelyn Thurmond


1. Jet Thurmond

2. Zakiyah Lamb

3. Alysa Jones

Grandparents Awards to:

Lelia M. Morton

Timothy and Beatrice Bryant


More pictures soon!

We believe children with talents should grow up creating what they have inside and teach them how to share it with others. Our talent categories for our annual contest hosted by Lynnette Cole and co host Braxton Cole include acting, art, singing, dancing, instrumental and modeling. Call 615-890-7116

Children Creating

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Our Mission

Where Kids Have a Special Place to Create!

A great artist learns from the past, present, and future generations.


Jet Thurmond, Overall Winner of GFC Talent Contest

hosted by Lynnette Cole, Miss USA 2000 and Braxton Cole

2016 Overall Talent Contest Winner:  Jet Thurmond

We are a not for profit providing affordable opportunities to children ages 7-17 who are talented and interested in the visual and performing arts.

Thanks for all your efforts to enrich the lives of children. Our community will reap benefits for years to come.
Bill Shacklett

City Councilman

The event was amazing! Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of it! Please stay in touch with anything you have going on. 

Melaneice Gibbs,
Dynasty Dance Elite Majorette Dance Team
Talent Contest Judge 2015


9 September 2010

Meet and Greet Reception

The Lives We Impact

Photos by Benjamin Gibbs Photograpy

  • After school Acting Classes
  • Talent Search with Lynnette Cole
  • Workshops with Linda Davis
  • Plays, Productions, Festivals
  • Awards and Compensation for Art

10 September 2016

Talent Contest with Lynnette Cole 

"Each year my spirit is renewed knowing that Generation for Creation exists giving children a place to encourage, develop, create and express their talents.  Sometimes we all need to remember our dreams as a child and aspire to be everything we want to be.“


Lynnette Cole, Miss USA 2000

Celebrity Host for GFC's  Annual Talent Competition

05-01 to 09-01-16

Talent Search: Talented Youth